The Coastal Georgia Adopt-A-Wetland Program invites you to form your own monitoring group and “adopt” a wetland. This online course includes instruction on the water quality monitoring and biological-sampling methods used to determine wetland habitat health. The workshops involve hands-on activities and certificates are awarded upon completion. An in-person field day will also be scheduled to give you practice in taking data. All the supplies your monitoring group will need to collect data for an annual period are provided on a loan basis.

Coastal Awareness and Responsible Ecotourism (CARE) Certification Program

The Coastal Awareness and Responsible Ecotourism (CARE) Certification program is a four-week blended learning opportunity designed for individuals working in coastal, water-based tourism including but not limited to paddle outfitters and charter boat companies. The course is offered on an annual basis and includes online work-at-your-own-pace instruction, live virtual discussions and an in-person field day to practice shorebird identification and interaction with others working on the coast.